Search Engine Optimization

If you are looking to up your SEO game, don’t just hire anyone. Look for the best SEO experts who can place you right at the top of the search results. We offer the most SEO market enduring tactics that enable websites to rank well on top search sites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

A great website should rank well on search engines, and we make it happen!

Importance of SEO

Boosts traffic

Higher traffic with relevant leads holds the key to conversions. We build a well-curated SEO strategy for your brand such that qualified traffic is directed to your website for more conversions and an improved ROI.

Higher rankings

A higher ranking simply that your website can be discovered easily by clients. Our dedicated team works to put your vision into action by getting your website ranked well in the search results. And we do it in a short period that saves you big bucks, time, and effort.

Drive leads and sales

SEO marketing for a brand is not a one-time task. It requires consistent efforts, planning, and constant monitoring of the current SEO strategies for refined and renewed SEO tactics. These result in better traffic, leads, and conversions.

Local SEO

We employ local SEO tactics that target “near me” and geo-specific search queries such that your business ranks high in local searches. Boutique owners, gyms, salons, food orders, and delivery services are some of the businesses that benefit from local SEO services.

How we work

We are a bunch of technology enthusiasts who offer a complete suite of features for robust SEO marketing. From quality content, keywords, to On page, Off page, Technical, Mobile marketing, and more, we ensure that your website is fully optimized to face the competition in the search results.


Our dedicated SEO specialist works with you to understand your business goals and vision. The first step of our planning process is to align your vision with our SEO strategies to help you achieve your business goals. Some important aspects of SEO marketing include:

And finally, we also conduct website analytics to monitor traffic to your website and if they are new visitors or returning customers and other intricacies.


Our proficient SEO specialists keep studying and updating themselves with the current Google regulations and norms. Google penalties can adversely impact your search rankings. We have Google penalty recovery plans to get you out of the Google SEO penalty and restore the previous rankings that you lost.

Why us?

SEO is an indispensable part of any business marketing and at Dorren Designs, we do understand how important this element is for brands and businesses. We believe in building a trusted relationship with our clients and providing results in the form of greater traffic and leads.

As SEO is a continuous effort, our-inhouse wizards work day in and night out to ensure that once achieved, your SEO rankings do not suffer. We also keep our clients in the loop informing them about all the current SEO performance, visibility, traffic, leads, and so on.