Different Types Of Illustrations – How To Leverage Them For Your Website

Are you getting your website designed or revamped? Do you want to make your website catchy, attractive, and a little unique in comparison to your competitors? While most customers have realized the value of adding graphic design to lure in customers and sustain their attention, there is a little area untapped. It is the use of digital illustrative design. Unlike graphic design, it includes art in your website design without looking very commercial and billboard-ish,

Illustrations have been used in advertisements for many decades in newspapers. Slowly, its popularity is growing in the digital medium as well. Illustrations lend an artistic feel and unique identity to your brand.


Illustration Styles


Flat Web Illustration Style

Flat web illustration style is one of the commonly found and easy to perceive graphic design styles on the internet today. This style has become popular mostly due to its simplicity. The design is not complicated or overdone using shadows, bevels, and other textures. It is as plain as paper and suits people who prefer familiarity over extravagance. Designing your website’s UI in this way will be an advantage if you are looking to cater to a traditional customer base that is new to web experiences. Some famous firms such as Facebook, Airbnb, and Toyota have adopted this style.


Low Poly & 3D Style

Regardless of the style of illustration, the idea is to catch and sustain user attention. So, if you are looking to go a little realistic with your design, ask your graphic design to start working on the 3D style of illustration. Even though the flat web is dominating across segments in website design, the 3D style is slowly finding its footing. 3D style is used to attract a younger audience and give it a realistic touch. Low Poly designs are sort of a sharp-edged and less-detailed style but, the 3D touch remains here too. The Low Poly design was initially developed to save loading time but has evolved as a stand-alone design form because of its popularity. It has an aesthetic of a simpler yet contemporary style.


Watercolor/Sketch Style

The watercolor or sketch style of illustration is a way of using artwork in commercial website designing. Most of the graphics produced under these styles mimic the work of actual watercolor work. That is usually popular for website designs of fashion companies, designers’ portfolios, interior design firms, art studios, museums, photography websites, aesthetic food websites, decor firms, and other lifestyle companies. They help bring the aesthetic and pleasing quality of your company out while subtly displaying your style sense for your visitors. These illustration styles are not used by many helping you lend uniqueness and authenticity to your website design.


Bright Colors/Pop Art

The Pop Art style is a bit-out there but, if you are targeting the Gen Y/Millenial base, it is your best option. Pop Art uses references from popular culture with bold colors in a comic strip or movie poster style. The bold colors are accompanied by blocks of geometric shapes with sharp angles. It is a website design style that is known to be very popular among the youth crowd. It connects with them and engages them instantly. Most millennial targeting companies build customer loyalty because of the designs and aesthetic patterns that they follow.


Graphic Designs Firms for Illustrative Web Design

Now that we know illustrative design can be a game-changer when it comes to website design, how do you make sure your website has it? Well, the first step would be to choose a firm with website design knowledge and graphic design experience as well. This combination is important so that the right design elements get used in the right place so that the design flows well without feeling abrupt or forced.

Dorron Designs is one of the leading graphic design firms in Wellington, and we can help you incorporate illustrations into your website layout.

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Booklet Marketing – The Best of Both Worlds

Many say that booklet marketing is a gold mine if done well. Booklets are an easy way to tell your customer about you, your products, and your journey. Before the digital marketing trend blew up, small businesses used booklets to attract new clients and keep the existing customers engaged. Even in this day and age, a designer booklet can be leveraged as a great marketing tool. People love visual aids and consume graphics faster than text. A marketing booklet has information about your company, products, services, and other important information arranged with graphics and images to sustain people’s interest.

So, now that we know how popular booklets are; let’s see how you can use it to make a difference in your business.


Digital Booklet Uses


New Product Launches

Whatever we say about it, old school marketing techniques are some of the best lessons in business sales. Whenever you are launching a new product, booklets and brochures will get you far wider reach faster than digital marketing in a short span. Also, printed booklets can be handy to give your customer information than a brochure or a pamphlet as booklets feel more professional and long-lasting. Specifically, for real-estate firms, mechanical stores, and other such product stores, booklets can be an easy and effective way to market a new product. You can use pictures of the products and attractive graphics to explain the product. It will have a better reach than cold-calling and explaining verbally.


Educational Booklets

If you are online, the best way to generate traffic to your website is to put consistent content like blogs on your products. Well, consider booklets to be an offline version of blogs. Let’s assume you have a wellness company. Publishing an informational booklet with tips and ways for a healthy life with information about your products can be a great way to attract clients. You can also place them in relevant places like drug stores, clinics, yoga centers, and so on. So, booklets here become educational and marketing materials with targeted advertising. Educational booklets must be interactive, colorful, and informational without sounding dry. You can also print coupons, vouchers, and service guides for customers. It will make them retain it for a longer time and increase the chances of them patroning your establishment


Promo Gifts

Booklets make great promotional gifts. Most corporate firms and small businesses put together a gift hamper and promotional set around the holiday season. If you are sending these out to potential customers and keeping them at outlets, you must consider adding booklets. Fun, holiday-themed, and bright booklets can help the user understand your company and remember it later on too. Brochures, pamphlets, or visiting cards are too commercial, but a booklet with great photos of your company around the year, product launches, and offers can be engaging.


Digital Booklet

Lastly, you cannot overlook the importance of having a digital booklet put together for your website. When the customers come to your website and are in a hurry, you can redirect them to your digital booklet. The digital booklet must be designed as carefully as your website and should essentially be interactive, engaging, and tastefully done to impress the visitor. The digital booklet can also have call to action buttons like Follow, Shop, Register, and Contact. You can also analyze the traffic and user patterns to understand what your users like. Digital booklets are easy to update and shareable across platforms for a wider reach.


Importance of Graphic Design in Booklets

A booklet is there to impress your customers. Digital or print media, it is of utmost importance that the design is on point. Instead of going with readymade templates, engaging a graphic design firm like us can help you customize the booklets to suit your business and customer base. If the booklet has to be printed, graphic design can help you choose the right colors and printing medium to get the best result.

Dorron Designs is a graphic design firm in Wellington, and we have been working with our customers to enhance their marketing efforts. Our design and marketing team can help you turn around your booklet game in no time.

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What Can A Logo Do For Your Business?

A logo is the face of your business. A graphic, the font in your business name, or a combination of both – anything serve as a logo. But the time to choose and design a company logo easily is over. It is no longer something that goes before the company name in a card or board, that defines your company, product, services, and personality itself in a lot of cases. As a graphic designer in Wellington, we get a lot of requests from businesses looking to revamp themselves or popularize them in the offline and online world.

A logo can help you attract attention to your brand from a target customer base and also improve your following in the digital world. Before we take a look at how a logo can change the face of your business literally, let us check the different ways to design a logo.


Logo Design

A logo can be a meaningful graphic/custom image that easily conveys the nature of your product or service. The image if used alone must be catchy and descriptive enough to be enough.

Some brands also chose to use the name of their company itself designed with a different font to work as a logo. It has worked for many companies like Google, HP, Dell, IBM, Visa, and 3M. You must pay attention to the font you use in such cases. The font must convey the tone of your company and impress the customer base.

Some businesses choose to go for a combination of graphics and names to reach a wider audience. That can help the customers connect the image and name easily aiding them to retain the business in their mind for a long time.

It is not easy to choose a logo for your business, that is often the hardest part about branding. So the best way would be to sit with your marketing and graphic design team to see what works for you.

Ok, we know how you can make your logo look. Let’s see what the logo does for you.


Importance of Logo for a Company

To understand the importance of logos in your company and the whole process of getting a client on board, let us go on a little journey. You will see that the logo has a role to play in all the steps.



You can be a product or services company, online or offline business, big or small in size – you have one thing in common. You need attention. You need new customers to approach you and give you a chance to impress them. Well, a logo does that job for you. A well-designed and attractive logo is the best tool for generating tools. It grabs attention in a mall and the corner of a Facebook feed. It pulls your customer in giving you entry into their minds.


Brand Recognition

Now, the client saw your website/store, browsed, and left. Don’t be disheartened. The logo lured them in, it will also help them recognize you wherever they go. Customers tend to keep these ads at the back of their minds and the more they see your logo, the more you will take up space in their minds. Studies have shown that customers browse a long time and choose the most memorable brand when they need to make a purchase.


Easy First Impression

The first impression is the best impression. Your logo is an elaborate, well-prepped, and strategic first impression for your customers. The logo conveys information about your product, personality, and who is your target customer. The logo attracts your clients by making an approachable, interesting, and stylish first impression.



So the customer browsed, came for a discussion, and was impressed. So, what’s next? The product and service can be matched somewhere also but what you need to sell your customer on is, is the identity of your brand. The logo gives your brand a unique identity and only yours. Such exclusiveness can drive your sales and also build brand loyalty leading to a repeat customer base.


Graphic Design Firms and Logo

You will use your logo in a lot of places. It has to be suitable for use across platforms and also check all the boxes in terms of connection with the brand. It is prudent to involve a graphic designing firm with experience in web design, marketing, and social media marketing. That will make sure that the logo achieves its purpose.

Dorron Designs is a marketing and graphic design firm; we would be happy to assist you on this journey.

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Blazing the Paper Trail

All you need to know about brochures and marketing!

Marketing can be quite easy at times. In fact, it is the only business strategy in the book that survived centuries. For many centuries now, businesses have been using different ideas to bring customers’ attention to their products and services. Even though the field has a whole new makeover now, thanks to the digital boom, offline marketing is also equally important.

While digital marketing is a great way to attract new clients, offline and conventional methods can do wonders for focused, local, and quick advertising campaigns. One of the most useful tools in offline marketing is brochures. They are cost-effective, attractive, and result-oriented aids that can turn your game around.

As one of the popular graphic design agencies in Wellington, we are here to tell you quickly everything you need to know about brochure marketing.



A brochure can be a simple piece of paper printed with your company details or, it can be an elaborately designed graphic aid in your marketing campaign. Brochure design is a vast field. However, you should ensure that the branding is on the point so that the company image comes across clearly. Hiring the graphic designer who did the branding and web designing for you will give you cohesive marketing material.


What does a brochure do for your business?

A brochure is simply one of the easiest ways to reach the target audience near you. While targeted ads, multimedia marketing, and social media campaigns can do wonders for your company, brochures are no less. There are some marked advantages to this type of marketing as well, some of which are listed below :

  1. Cost-effective

Hiring a digital marketing agency, creating the material, and running targeted ads can be quite expensive. Even in the offline sector, billboards, bus benches, and other forms of marketing materials can be costly. Brochures, on the other hand, can be designed and printed on a small budget as well. You can choose how many, when, and what type based on your budget and product range.

  1. Local Audience

If you run a local business and need to spread the word around a particular locality, brochures are the best way. Digital marketing may not work as effectively as a brochure or pamphlet distribution for the local audience. You can hire a small delivery team and ensure that the entire locality is filled with your marketing ads.

  1. Instant Reach to target base

Like we discussed, for locally based businesses, brochures are great. Similarly, if you want to reach a particular target audience like people at a sporting event, locality, age group, etc. then brochures are the fastest way to reach them. Delivering 100+ brochures will take less time than designing any other ad if you know who will be on the receiving end.

  1. Trade Shows

Trade shows and Expos are a great way to show people what your product and service offering is all about. But how do you ensure they take that piece of information back with them? Brochures are how you do it. By handing out brochures to all the participants with information about your firm, product, website, social media handles, and achievements, you can make them remember you. There is a chance they will use the information on the brochure sometime and become customers.


A look at Brochure design trends and techniques

Brochure design is no longer a simple feat. Every company is investing in graphic design agencies to put their best foot forward. It is not just a piece of paper but, so much more. It represents your brand, your product, and your whole business itself. Hence, the design is important. You can go for 3D brochures, minimalist brochures, illustrative brochures, and even colorful brochures. Designers are also experimenting with shapes and moving away from a little from the tri-fold or two-fold designs. You can use innovative shapes and designs like pentagon, hexagon, and octagon to give the customer a visual impact.

Such innovations can be made possible if you hire a graphic design agency.


Why Dorron Designs?

Dorron Designs is a graphic design and marketing agency that has a combination of design aesthetics and marketing ethos in the crux. We help our customers attract their clients with innovative and attractive designs that lend style to their business. A local business ourselves, we understand the needs and desires of small businesses well to provide top-notch service in all aspects. Our rates are unparalleled and can transport your whole marketing campaign in a jiffy.

Call us today at 954-609-7767 or email at info@dorrondesigns.com for a custom quote.

Branding Or Rebranding : Why You Should Talk To A Graphic Designer Now

Branding is an integral part of every business. Every field is competitive today and if you want to succeed, you have to stick your head above the pack. Branding is the way to do it. Branding may sound like a very ambiguous term, but it is quite straightforward. Branding is the process of establishing yourself in the market through a series of images or designs that uniquely identifies your business. As one of the most popular web developer and graphic designers in Wellington, we have clients coming to us for a branding exercise. So, what do we tell them? We tell them let’s talk to our graphic design team.

Curious? Let us explain.


Branding and Graphic Design

Branding is an exercise to ensure that your company and products are imprinted on the users’ minds firmly. When it comes to the digital marketing world, research has shown that people process images almost sixty thousand times faster than the text content. So, if you get a graphic designer involved in your branding effort, you are more likely to be successful.

Also, graphic designers can help you design a cohesive brand image that reflects the nature of your business and will be easily understood by everyone. Keep in mind that the branding tools you use would be reproduced over leaflets, websites, social media handles, product brochures, packaging materials, and much more. Graphic designers can aid in developing all branding materials and ensure that all these tell the same story.


Graphic Designers vs. Image Consultants

So, you would have come across this term called image consultants during your research on branding for your company. While Image consultants play a major role in establishing a brand in any given market, graphic designers take the first step in creating the said brand. Designers ultimately can better define aesthetics, designs, and layouts to be used in your brand than consultants.

You must ask your Image consultant or branding agent to talk to your graphic designer to better understand your branding effort before launching any campaign.


What to discuss with your Graphic Designer

So you have taken the first step of talking to a graphic designer. Next what? For the graphic designer to do his/her job well, you have to give them a clear idea of your business. At Dorron Designs, we encourage our clients to tell us everything about their business right from why they started it to what they aim to achieve. Knowing the whole story helps the designer get a sense of the business and owner personality that is essential to translate the brand image on paper.

You must also tell the graphic designer where you intend to use the branding materials. If you are working with a marketing agency like ours, we will tell you that the branding materials for each purpose like social media, packaging, marketing collaterals, and website have to be unique to make an impact.



Rebranding is done by businesses when they are planning to expand their product range, service capabilities, or revamp themselves totally from what they were doing earlier. You may already have an established brand in the market with the right media backing but rebranding needs a look at the drawing board again.

As the branding for your company was done with different intentions and constraints earlier, it is always helpful to talk to a graphic design firm to understand if it still serves the purpose. Sometimes, branding has to be revisited to fit the new product line, market, or overall motto of the company. Graphic designers can help you achieve the balance between adopting a new image without totally shedding the brand you have already established in the market.

As one of the best graphic designers in Wellington, we take pride in helping businesses take this journey of change while keeping their original brand intact.


Final thoughts…

For any business, branding is a very serious matter. Branding is known to play a major role in the success of any new and upcoming ventures. In a competitive landscape, branding is the ace to have up your sleeve. Talking to a graphic designer based firm can amplify the effectiveness of your branding exercise. Graphic designers are known to create attractive holistic and effective branding material that can be used everywhere to establish your firm. In the age of small attention spans, occupy your customers’ minds using attractive and relevant imagery.

Looking for someone to assist you in branding for your company? Email us at info@dorrondesigns.com or call 954-609-7767 to get a custom quote.

The key to Sales – Great Web Design

If you are looking for a way to generate leads easily and improve your sales conversion rate, you should start with your website design. The best way to create a lasting impression on your prospective clients is to impress them with great website design. Your web site is a window to your company’s image and working culture so, you should make sure that the design is in line with your branding. In today’s digital age, your customers want to see an attractive, user-friendly, and classy website that tells them everything they need about you.

While you can go with any ready-made template offered on the internet, let us take a quick look as to why you should not. For the best web design in palm beach at affordable pricing, you are better off going to professional graphic design and web design specialists.


Why is Web Design crucial to Marketing?

The design of your website plays a huge role in your SEO efforts. Attractive, easy to use, and fast websites are promoted more by search engines. Your quest to appear on the first page of search engine results (SERP) starts with an intuitive and well-designed website. You can utilize your website as a portal to inform customers about your business, latest offers, projects, recent development, and much more. But, for all that you have to grab their attention when they first come to your website.

Study shows that you have some milliseconds to retain your customers and that people perceive visuals faster than text. So, it is good to get your websites designed using graphics and engaging visuals to interest the visitor. Such minute details can make or break your online sales. That is why you need a professional web designer with a graphic design background to make your business site.


What is good Web Design?

While beauty may lie in the eyes of the beholder, the rules of internet aesthetics are pretty much well-defined. Symmetrical patterns, minimalistic text, and easy to navigate are some of the top features of good web design. It is considered good sense to not overboard the visitor with a lot of information in the first instance itself.

The ideal homepage gives a sense of your business and product offering while offering visitors the option to explore more if they are interested. A good web designer will tell you that having strategically placed call to action buttons such as buy now, read more, explore more, and contact us can improve your conversion rates. These little details matter a lot when it comes to user experience.


Why a Professional Web Designer?

We have already covered how important a website is for your business and how a good design can potentially improve your profits. So when something is this crucial, it is better to hand it over to a professional.

Moreover, professional web design is an all-in-one package. You can expect an SEO-friendly code, fast website, and well-designed sections for your website from a designer. Professional web designers can provide a unique look for your website tailor-made to your web site to help you stand out from your competitors.

Updating the website regularly is an important step to keep your visitors engaged and informed of your progress. A professionally designed website will allow for these provisions and keep you hassle-free for many years to come.

With a web-design tailor-made to you, you also have the option to customize it or expand it as your business grows. Web design templates may not have all the options you need in the time to come and that can make redesigning the whole website later become cumbersome. A web design agency will continue to help you with these requests.

Last but not least, when you are looking for the best web design in palm beach, it is good to go with someone who has experience and guides you better. The matters of aesthetics, content planning, coding, and SEO can be complicated and agencies can help you achieve the best results.


Final thoughts

Dorron Designs is known to be the best graphic designer and web design service provider in Palm Beach. We ensure your business puts its best foot forward digitally. Our designs give you a fast, attractive, and easy to use the website. Give your customers the best experience without spending a bomb on web design. We also bring our SEO, graphic design, and marketing knowledge to the table for a full experience for you.

We know you are intrigued. E-mail us at info@dorrondesigns.com or call 954-609-7767 to get a custom quote.

Solving the Social Media Maze!

The business landscape today has become very competitive. It is not just enough to have a website or a google information page, companies have to be present on most social media platforms as well. Our way of looking for recommendations has changed drastically. We no longer just ask our friends but rely on social media as well to make our choices. Even if word of mouth works for your business, chances are that your customers will still look you up on these platforms first.

So, how to ensure you solve the whole maze of social media marketing? The idea is to actually not just solve but come out on top as well. Well, our first advice would be to get a graphic designer on board and concentrate on the visuals. Dorron Designs is one of the best graphic designers in Wellington and can make a great social media marketing plan for you as well.

Let us explain how that will help you.


Graphic Design – The Key to acing Social Media Marketing

Today’s social media platforms have become cluttered. Everyone you know is on it and everyone is a content creator. This means that you have to push the extra mile to attract a customer’s attention, retain it, and take it up to sales. The best way to do it is to have an awesome graphic designer working on your social media pages.

Graphics such as images, infographics, videos, and quote cards are known to bring you the best customer engagement scores. Graphic designers are important to create a cohesive and uniform graphic content plan so that you send the right kind of message to your followers. Graphic designers will ensure that your firm’s posts on social media are in line with your branding, product delivery, and public image for better reach.

As we discussed, the crowdedness on social media needs you to be extra attentive to your content. Graphic design can help your content stand out and get you more eyeballs or reactions when compared to a text-based post. Also, image-based content has many templates and rules to be followed that can get overwhelming at times. Graphic designers generally know these by heart and generate attention-worthy content for you in no time.

Graphic Designs on social media are instantly shareable and improve the interaction rate of your posts. Engaging a graphic designer to design your social media pages is important as they are primarily an extension of your branding exercise.


Graphic Designers on the Social Media Team

We have covered that graphic design is an essential part of the social media marketing plan. But, we want to go a step ahead and say they should be running your social media campaigns as well. The Social Media marketing game is all about aesthetics, content delivery, and being trendy. A graphic designer team with a knowledge of marketing can do it perfectly for you.

Running your social media pages by yourself may seem easy as you run your personal handles already but is quite different. Professional social media pages have to put our different formats of content as per the platform’s tone and also ensure that each post strung together tells a story. Graphic designers double up as content creators as well to make sure your pages are run professionally. A marketing team with graphic design at heart can balance the content tones between professional, fun, and trendy so that you can run your business without a worry.

Social Media Managers have to be the jack of all trades. Like at Dorron Designs, we ensure that our graphic design abilities are put to the best use in all marketing arenas. Right from website design to social media platforms, we can give you the best product to win over the masses.


Final thoughts…

Social media platforms are a large part of every marketing campaign today. The social media platforms also ensure that one has to be genuine, outspoken, and consistent to get results. Companies that use graphic design to their advantage for communicating and interacting with a potential customer base are known to come out on top. Pictures are always known to speak a thousand words, but, in social media, they give you a 1000x times reach than a written form of content. Having a graphic design team for your social media marketing plan is a wise decision that is sure to give you the returns in a short period.

Dorron Designs is a marketing firm known to be the best graphic designer team in Wellington and you can have the best of both worlds with us.

If you would like to know more, you can email us at info@dorrondesigns.com or call 954-609-7767 to get a custom quote.


Reasons to Hire an Agency for your SEO Efforts today!

If you are a small business or an independent entrepreneur looking to take your business one step forward, we are sure you have more than 15 pages bookmarked on SEO related topics. You have read many blogs on why a digital presence such as a website, blog, and a social media page is important for generating steady business. But, are you going to do it on your own? Rather, ask should you do it on your own? A simple search for best web developers near me will get your website designed but hear us out why you need someone who can do much more.

A design and marketing agency can help you establish and optimize your digital presence. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a complicated process and might end up taking too much of your time without an expert handling it.

If you are not convinced yet, check our reasons on how hiring an agency for your SEO efforts can change the way you do business.

Website Design Optimization

If you look at any guide on SEO, it will stress the importance of having a user-friendly SEO-related website. But, what is an SEO-friendly website? SEO-friendly is a well-design website that is easy to locate, browse, and make transactions on. This particular task calls for an agency that can handle web design and SEO so that you don’t have to spend money or time on this repetitive task. Hiring an SEO-knowledgeable web design company will save you time, money, and effort that can go into your business instead.

Website Speed

As an individual, you will find it easier to concentrate on the front-end side of the SEO metrics such as web design, content design, and content creation, etc. But, for the whole SEO work to be fruitful you have to look at behind the web metrics as well. Google includes the website speed as an important parameter for ranking your website on the search results page. An agency can help you choose the right plugin or backend to optimize your website speed and improve user experience as well.

Setting Up Easy To Use Seo Tools

SEO is not just about setting up the website and producing regular optimized content. Post-publishing analysis plays an equally important role. You have to check if the content is reaching people and what is kind of content your users are interacting with. There are many SEO tools available for analyzing the traffic, hits, interaction, and overall engagement of your website. Setting these up right the first time can help you understand your user sentiment better. Marketing agencies use these tools daily and work with you to understand your daily needs and hook you up with the right tools.

Structured Content

Content is king. But it needs real skill to become the kingmaker. There is a fine line between creating the trending content and content that your customers expect from you. To find this sweet spot, you can work with your agency to understand what are the high ranking keywords and how your content can be tailored to it. You can also work with the agency to develop a content strategy to keep your readers tuned to your blog.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a big part of SEO. Ultimately, you want your website to come on the first page of a google search result, and keyword research is the first step in that journey. Working with a marketing agency like ours can help you understand the high-ranking keywords in your field and also finalize the achievable keyword. Agencies can help you optimize your content and target a low volume keyword to get traction on your content in a short period itself.

Competitor Analysis

Like they say, knowing your competition is half the battle won. Did you know there are websites where you can see your competitor websites’ performance on the internet? Now, imagine if you had to do it all alone? Work on your website and see how the other kid on the block is doing too. Having a marketing agency on board like us can do all this so that you can concentrate on creating content, working on your business, and providing services to keep your customers happy.


SEO is a tricky but needed game. If you are a small company and you try to do it all on your own, it may not give you the best results. Marketing agencies like Dorron Designs can help you improve your web performance from good to best because they have your best interests at heart.

We promise to provide the best website design in palm beach and assist in your SEO efforts as well. You can be assured that you have a trusted ally to improve and optimize your digital presence.


Call us 954-609-7767 or write to us at info@dorrondesigns.com to know more today.

How A Graphic Designer Can Change The Face Of Your Website

Because the world does judge a book by its cover

Websites are going to replace visiting cards or introductory emails real soon. Anything a prospective client or partner needs to know about your business needs to be there on your website. But, would information alone work? Use your experience itself and think which is your favorite website and why? Nine out of ten chances are you found the design cool and got sucked into exploring the site. Well, that’s a good graphic design for you.

Wellington has many up and coming small businesses today that need a solid digital presence. Let us take a detailed look as to why graphic design matters before you go about hiring the best graphic designer in Wellington.

Impression Matter – Everywhere

Let us assume someone lands at your website from a google search result or a sponsored ad you ran recently. Now, you have about 10 seconds to convince them to explore ahead. How do you do it? Well, with a website design that is catchy, attractive, and user-friendly. See, good graphic design is not just about flashy colors or images. It is about creating a brand image in the visitor’s mind for your business. Also, graphic design is equally important in all parts of the website. You will need perfectly designed and catchy web pages for all your sections like homepage, about us, product display, FAQ, contact us, and any other pages. Even though not all of these pages make the sale for you, they assist in the whole lead to the client conversion process. And much like sports, each assist matters in scoring the goal.

Good Design – Happy Customer

We discussed that the design of your website will play a vital role in forming an impression about your business to your prospect. If you have an e-commerce website or a product-based website, customer delight is known to skyrocket when the website is easy to navigate. It is a subtle way of telling your customer that they will get only the best from you. Customers also tend to have shorter attention spans and you have to bring their attention to the important features quickly. You will find that they can be slightly nudged towards a sale by keeping the shop tab bigger than the others or by showing the discount option in a more prominent section. A good graphic designer with marketing knowledge will help you get these done in a classy and non-obvious way.

Special Features

Increasingly customers are becoming more discerning about the technological features on every website. They notice these and appreciate you for including them in your website. These can include anything from a disabled-friendly script or a chatbot that takes them up to the FAQ page directly. But, you can make these fun and interactive by employing graphic design to make the mundane more fun.


You need a good graphic designer who understands user needs and will work to improve the user experience for your website. An interesting graphic design can improve lead generation, sales conversion, and user experience for your business. Dorron Designs is known to be one of the best graphic designers in Wellington and we have worked with many small businesses to fortify their digital marketing efforts. We will work with you to understand your business and customers to create the best experience. Make your website a brand statement and stand out from the crowd. Call us today at 954-609-7767 or email at info@dorrondesigns.com to know how you can up your digital game now. If you just have any graphic design related questions, ask away in the comment box.

JupiterX Movers

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