What Can A Logo Do For Your Business?

A logo is the face of your business. A graphic, the font in your business name, or a combination of both – anything serve as a logo. But the time to choose and design a company logo easily is over. It is no longer something that goes before the company name in a card or board, that defines your company, product, services, and personality itself in a lot of cases. As a graphic designer in Wellington, we get a lot of requests from businesses looking to revamp themselves or popularize them in the offline and online world.

A logo can help you attract attention to your brand from a target customer base and also improve your following in the digital world. Before we take a look at how a logo can change the face of your business literally, let us check the different ways to design a logo.


Logo Design

A logo can be a meaningful graphic/custom image that easily conveys the nature of your product or service. The image if used alone must be catchy and descriptive enough to be enough.

Some brands also chose to use the name of their company itself designed with a different font to work as a logo. It has worked for many companies like Google, HP, Dell, IBM, Visa, and 3M. You must pay attention to the font you use in such cases. The font must convey the tone of your company and impress the customer base.

Some businesses choose to go for a combination of graphics and names to reach a wider audience. That can help the customers connect the image and name easily aiding them to retain the business in their mind for a long time.

It is not easy to choose a logo for your business, that is often the hardest part about branding. So the best way would be to sit with your marketing and graphic design team to see what works for you.

Ok, we know how you can make your logo look. Let’s see what the logo does for you.


Importance of Logo for a Company

To understand the importance of logos in your company and the whole process of getting a client on board, let us go on a little journey. You will see that the logo has a role to play in all the steps.



You can be a product or services company, online or offline business, big or small in size – you have one thing in common. You need attention. You need new customers to approach you and give you a chance to impress them. Well, a logo does that job for you. A well-designed and attractive logo is the best tool for generating tools. It grabs attention in a mall and the corner of a Facebook feed. It pulls your customer in giving you entry into their minds.


Brand Recognition

Now, the client saw your website/store, browsed, and left. Don’t be disheartened. The logo lured them in, it will also help them recognize you wherever they go. Customers tend to keep these ads at the back of their minds and the more they see your logo, the more you will take up space in their minds. Studies have shown that customers browse a long time and choose the most memorable brand when they need to make a purchase.


Easy First Impression

The first impression is the best impression. Your logo is an elaborate, well-prepped, and strategic first impression for your customers. The logo conveys information about your product, personality, and who is your target customer. The logo attracts your clients by making an approachable, interesting, and stylish first impression.



So the customer browsed, came for a discussion, and was impressed. So, what’s next? The product and service can be matched somewhere also but what you need to sell your customer on is, is the identity of your brand. The logo gives your brand a unique identity and only yours. Such exclusiveness can drive your sales and also build brand loyalty leading to a repeat customer base.


Graphic Design Firms and Logo

You will use your logo in a lot of places. It has to be suitable for use across platforms and also check all the boxes in terms of connection with the brand. It is prudent to involve a graphic designing firm with experience in web design, marketing, and social media marketing. That will make sure that the logo achieves its purpose.

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