Booklet Marketing – The Best of Both Worlds

Many say that booklet marketing is a gold mine if done well. Booklets are an easy way to tell your customer about you, your products, and your journey. Before the digital marketing trend blew up, small businesses used booklets to attract new clients and keep the existing customers engaged. Even in this day and age, a designer booklet can be leveraged as a great marketing tool. People love visual aids and consume graphics faster than text. A marketing booklet has information about your company, products, services, and other important information arranged with graphics and images to sustain people’s interest.

So, now that we know how popular booklets are; let’s see how you can use it to make a difference in your business.


Digital Booklet Uses


New Product Launches

Whatever we say about it, old school marketing techniques are some of the best lessons in business sales. Whenever you are launching a new product, booklets and brochures will get you far wider reach faster than digital marketing in a short span. Also, printed booklets can be handy to give your customer information than a brochure or a pamphlet as booklets feel more professional and long-lasting. Specifically, for real-estate firms, mechanical stores, and other such product stores, booklets can be an easy and effective way to market a new product. You can use pictures of the products and attractive graphics to explain the product. It will have a better reach than cold-calling and explaining verbally.


Educational Booklets

If you are online, the best way to generate traffic to your website is to put consistent content like blogs on your products. Well, consider booklets to be an offline version of blogs. Let’s assume you have a wellness company. Publishing an informational booklet with tips and ways for a healthy life with information about your products can be a great way to attract clients. You can also place them in relevant places like drug stores, clinics, yoga centers, and so on. So, booklets here become educational and marketing materials with targeted advertising. Educational booklets must be interactive, colorful, and informational without sounding dry. You can also print coupons, vouchers, and service guides for customers. It will make them retain it for a longer time and increase the chances of them patroning your establishment


Promo Gifts

Booklets make great promotional gifts. Most corporate firms and small businesses put together a gift hamper and promotional set around the holiday season. If you are sending these out to potential customers and keeping them at outlets, you must consider adding booklets. Fun, holiday-themed, and bright booklets can help the user understand your company and remember it later on too. Brochures, pamphlets, or visiting cards are too commercial, but a booklet with great photos of your company around the year, product launches, and offers can be engaging.


Digital Booklet

Lastly, you cannot overlook the importance of having a digital booklet put together for your website. When the customers come to your website and are in a hurry, you can redirect them to your digital booklet. The digital booklet must be designed as carefully as your website and should essentially be interactive, engaging, and tastefully done to impress the visitor. The digital booklet can also have call to action buttons like Follow, Shop, Register, and Contact. You can also analyze the traffic and user patterns to understand what your users like. Digital booklets are easy to update and shareable across platforms for a wider reach.


Importance of Graphic Design in Booklets

A booklet is there to impress your customers. Digital or print media, it is of utmost importance that the design is on point. Instead of going with readymade templates, engaging a graphic design firm like us can help you customize the booklets to suit your business and customer base. If the booklet has to be printed, graphic design can help you choose the right colors and printing medium to get the best result.

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