Blazing the Paper Trail

All you need to know about brochures and marketing!

Marketing can be quite easy at times. In fact, it is the only business strategy in the book that survived centuries. For many centuries now, businesses have been using different ideas to bring customers’ attention to their products and services. Even though the field has a whole new makeover now, thanks to the digital boom, offline marketing is also equally important.

While digital marketing is a great way to attract new clients, offline and conventional methods can do wonders for focused, local, and quick advertising campaigns. One of the most useful tools in offline marketing is brochures. They are cost-effective, attractive, and result-oriented aids that can turn your game around.

As one of the popular graphic design agencies in Wellington, we are here to tell you quickly everything you need to know about brochure marketing.



A brochure can be a simple piece of paper printed with your company details or, it can be an elaborately designed graphic aid in your marketing campaign. Brochure design is a vast field. However, you should ensure that the branding is on the point so that the company image comes across clearly. Hiring the graphic designer who did the branding and web designing for you will give you cohesive marketing material.


What does a brochure do for your business?

A brochure is simply one of the easiest ways to reach the target audience near you. While targeted ads, multimedia marketing, and social media campaigns can do wonders for your company, brochures are no less. There are some marked advantages to this type of marketing as well, some of which are listed below :

  1. Cost-effective

Hiring a digital marketing agency, creating the material, and running targeted ads can be quite expensive. Even in the offline sector, billboards, bus benches, and other forms of marketing materials can be costly. Brochures, on the other hand, can be designed and printed on a small budget as well. You can choose how many, when, and what type based on your budget and product range.

  1. Local Audience

If you run a local business and need to spread the word around a particular locality, brochures are the best way. Digital marketing may not work as effectively as a brochure or pamphlet distribution for the local audience. You can hire a small delivery team and ensure that the entire locality is filled with your marketing ads.

  1. Instant Reach to target base

Like we discussed, for locally based businesses, brochures are great. Similarly, if you want to reach a particular target audience like people at a sporting event, locality, age group, etc. then brochures are the fastest way to reach them. Delivering 100+ brochures will take less time than designing any other ad if you know who will be on the receiving end.

  1. Trade Shows

Trade shows and Expos are a great way to show people what your product and service offering is all about. But how do you ensure they take that piece of information back with them? Brochures are how you do it. By handing out brochures to all the participants with information about your firm, product, website, social media handles, and achievements, you can make them remember you. There is a chance they will use the information on the brochure sometime and become customers.


A look at Brochure design trends and techniques

Brochure design is no longer a simple feat. Every company is investing in graphic design agencies to put their best foot forward. It is not just a piece of paper but, so much more. It represents your brand, your product, and your whole business itself. Hence, the design is important. You can go for 3D brochures, minimalist brochures, illustrative brochures, and even colorful brochures. Designers are also experimenting with shapes and moving away from a little from the tri-fold or two-fold designs. You can use innovative shapes and designs like pentagon, hexagon, and octagon to give the customer a visual impact.

Such innovations can be made possible if you hire a graphic design agency.


Why Dorron Designs?

Dorron Designs is a graphic design and marketing agency that has a combination of design aesthetics and marketing ethos in the crux. We help our customers attract their clients with innovative and attractive designs that lend style to their business. A local business ourselves, we understand the needs and desires of small businesses well to provide top-notch service in all aspects. Our rates are unparalleled and can transport your whole marketing campaign in a jiffy.

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