Solving the Social Media Maze!

The business landscape today has become very competitive. It is not just enough to have a website or a google information page, companies have to be present on most social media platforms as well. Our way of looking for recommendations has changed drastically. We no longer just ask our friends but rely on social media as well to make our choices. Even if word of mouth works for your business, chances are that your customers will still look you up on these platforms first.

So, how to ensure you solve the whole maze of social media marketing? The idea is to actually not just solve but come out on top as well. Well, our first advice would be to get a graphic designer on board and concentrate on the visuals. Dorron Designs is one of the best graphic designers in Wellington and can make a great social media marketing plan for you as well.

Let us explain how that will help you.


Graphic Design – The Key to acing Social Media Marketing

Today’s social media platforms have become cluttered. Everyone you know is on it and everyone is a content creator. This means that you have to push the extra mile to attract a customer’s attention, retain it, and take it up to sales. The best way to do it is to have an awesome graphic designer working on your social media pages.

Graphics such as images, infographics, videos, and quote cards are known to bring you the best customer engagement scores. Graphic designers are important to create a cohesive and uniform graphic content plan so that you send the right kind of message to your followers. Graphic designers will ensure that your firm’s posts on social media are in line with your branding, product delivery, and public image for better reach.

As we discussed, the crowdedness on social media needs you to be extra attentive to your content. Graphic design can help your content stand out and get you more eyeballs or reactions when compared to a text-based post. Also, image-based content has many templates and rules to be followed that can get overwhelming at times. Graphic designers generally know these by heart and generate attention-worthy content for you in no time.

Graphic Designs on social media are instantly shareable and improve the interaction rate of your posts. Engaging a graphic designer to design your social media pages is important as they are primarily an extension of your branding exercise.


Graphic Designers on the Social Media Team

We have covered that graphic design is an essential part of the social media marketing plan. But, we want to go a step ahead and say they should be running your social media campaigns as well. The Social Media marketing game is all about aesthetics, content delivery, and being trendy. A graphic designer team with a knowledge of marketing can do it perfectly for you.

Running your social media pages by yourself may seem easy as you run your personal handles already but is quite different. Professional social media pages have to put our different formats of content as per the platform’s tone and also ensure that each post strung together tells a story. Graphic designers double up as content creators as well to make sure your pages are run professionally. A marketing team with graphic design at heart can balance the content tones between professional, fun, and trendy so that you can run your business without a worry.

Social Media Managers have to be the jack of all trades. Like at Dorron Designs, we ensure that our graphic design abilities are put to the best use in all marketing arenas. Right from website design to social media platforms, we can give you the best product to win over the masses.


Final thoughts…

Social media platforms are a large part of every marketing campaign today. The social media platforms also ensure that one has to be genuine, outspoken, and consistent to get results. Companies that use graphic design to their advantage for communicating and interacting with a potential customer base are known to come out on top. Pictures are always known to speak a thousand words, but, in social media, they give you a 1000x times reach than a written form of content. Having a graphic design team for your social media marketing plan is a wise decision that is sure to give you the returns in a short period.

Dorron Designs is a marketing firm known to be the best graphic designer team in Wellington and you can have the best of both worlds with us.

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