How A Graphic Designer Can Change The Face Of Your Website

Because the world does judge a book by its cover

Websites are going to replace visiting cards or introductory emails real soon. Anything a prospective client or partner needs to know about your business needs to be there on your website. But, would information alone work? Use your experience itself and think which is your favorite website and why? Nine out of ten chances are you found the design cool and got sucked into exploring the site. Well, that’s a good graphic design for you.

Wellington has many up and coming small businesses today that need a solid digital presence. Let us take a detailed look as to why graphic design matters before you go about hiring the best graphic designer in Wellington.

Impression Matter – Everywhere

Let us assume someone lands at your website from a google search result or a sponsored ad you ran recently. Now, you have about 10 seconds to convince them to explore ahead. How do you do it? Well, with a website design that is catchy, attractive, and user-friendly. See, good graphic design is not just about flashy colors or images. It is about creating a brand image in the visitor’s mind for your business. Also, graphic design is equally important in all parts of the website. You will need perfectly designed and catchy web pages for all your sections like homepage, about us, product display, FAQ, contact us, and any other pages. Even though not all of these pages make the sale for you, they assist in the whole lead to the client conversion process. And much like sports, each assist matters in scoring the goal.

Good Design – Happy Customer

We discussed that the design of your website will play a vital role in forming an impression about your business to your prospect. If you have an e-commerce website or a product-based website, customer delight is known to skyrocket when the website is easy to navigate. It is a subtle way of telling your customer that they will get only the best from you. Customers also tend to have shorter attention spans and you have to bring their attention to the important features quickly. You will find that they can be slightly nudged towards a sale by keeping the shop tab bigger than the others or by showing the discount option in a more prominent section. A good graphic designer with marketing knowledge will help you get these done in a classy and non-obvious way.

Special Features

Increasingly customers are becoming more discerning about the technological features on every website. They notice these and appreciate you for including them in your website. These can include anything from a disabled-friendly script or a chatbot that takes them up to the FAQ page directly. But, you can make these fun and interactive by employing graphic design to make the mundane more fun.


You need a good graphic designer who understands user needs and will work to improve the user experience for your website. An interesting graphic design can improve lead generation, sales conversion, and user experience for your business. Dorron Designs is known to be one of the best graphic designers in Wellington and we have worked with many small businesses to fortify their digital marketing efforts. We will work with you to understand your business and customers to create the best experience. Make your website a brand statement and stand out from the crowd. Call us today at 954-609-7767 or email at to know how you can up your digital game now. If you just have any graphic design related questions, ask away in the comment box.