Branding Or Rebranding : Why You Should Talk To A Graphic Designer Now

Branding is an integral part of every business. Every field is competitive today and if you want to succeed, you have to stick your head above the pack. Branding is the way to do it. Branding may sound like a very ambiguous term, but it is quite straightforward. Branding is the process of establishing yourself in the market through a series of images or designs that uniquely identifies your business. As one of the most popular web developer and graphic designers in Wellington, we have clients coming to us for a branding exercise. So, what do we tell them? We tell them let’s talk to our graphic design team.

Curious? Let us explain.


Branding and Graphic Design

Branding is an exercise to ensure that your company and products are imprinted on the users’ minds firmly. When it comes to the digital marketing world, research has shown that people process images almost sixty thousand times faster than the text content. So, if you get a graphic designer involved in your branding effort, you are more likely to be successful.

Also, graphic designers can help you design a cohesive brand image that reflects the nature of your business and will be easily understood by everyone. Keep in mind that the branding tools you use would be reproduced over leaflets, websites, social media handles, product brochures, packaging materials, and much more. Graphic designers can aid in developing all branding materials and ensure that all these tell the same story.


Graphic Designers vs. Image Consultants

So, you would have come across this term called image consultants during your research on branding for your company. While Image consultants play a major role in establishing a brand in any given market, graphic designers take the first step in creating the said brand. Designers ultimately can better define aesthetics, designs, and layouts to be used in your brand than consultants.

You must ask your Image consultant or branding agent to talk to your graphic designer to better understand your branding effort before launching any campaign.


What to discuss with your Graphic Designer

So you have taken the first step of talking to a graphic designer. Next what? For the graphic designer to do his/her job well, you have to give them a clear idea of your business. At Dorron Designs, we encourage our clients to tell us everything about their business right from why they started it to what they aim to achieve. Knowing the whole story helps the designer get a sense of the business and owner personality that is essential to translate the brand image on paper.

You must also tell the graphic designer where you intend to use the branding materials. If you are working with a marketing agency like ours, we will tell you that the branding materials for each purpose like social media, packaging, marketing collaterals, and website have to be unique to make an impact.



Rebranding is done by businesses when they are planning to expand their product range, service capabilities, or revamp themselves totally from what they were doing earlier. You may already have an established brand in the market with the right media backing but rebranding needs a look at the drawing board again.

As the branding for your company was done with different intentions and constraints earlier, it is always helpful to talk to a graphic design firm to understand if it still serves the purpose. Sometimes, branding has to be revisited to fit the new product line, market, or overall motto of the company. Graphic designers can help you achieve the balance between adopting a new image without totally shedding the brand you have already established in the market.

As one of the best graphic designers in Wellington, we take pride in helping businesses take this journey of change while keeping their original brand intact.


Final thoughts…

For any business, branding is a very serious matter. Branding is known to play a major role in the success of any new and upcoming ventures. In a competitive landscape, branding is the ace to have up your sleeve. Talking to a graphic designer based firm can amplify the effectiveness of your branding exercise. Graphic designers are known to create attractive holistic and effective branding material that can be used everywhere to establish your firm. In the age of small attention spans, occupy your customers’ minds using attractive and relevant imagery.

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